Paul Honig

2022 Candidate: State Senate — 8th District

Why I'm running: Connecticut has been my family’s home for years, and Diane and I plan on being here for many more. Like most parents, we would like to see our sons start their careers in the state and raise their families here. I care deeply about the future of our State and want to make Connecticut a more friendly place for business and an even more accommodating place for young families.

I know our state faces many other issues, such as job creation, effective management of the state budget, healthcare costs and access, education, affordability, the environment, housing, car thefts, infrastructure, disbursement of federal grants, and others. Some of these issues are long standing and some are relatively new. They are all complex, and my career in finance and software development provides me with the experience to help unravel complicated issues and address them with practical approaches.

I am also running because it has never been more important for state governments to take the lead on protecting the rights of all its citizens. We have seen the Supreme Court reverse decades of precedent and take away a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions. Some justices are threatening to go even farther on such basic rights as voting, family planning and marriage. State government will be the last bulwark standing against the intrusions on our personal liberties.

Although we have reached a point at which COVID’s impact on our daily lives has lessened, our state government needs to continue to navigate this crisis compassionately, responsibly and efficiently -- guided by data and science -- to protect our health and our livelihoods, and to be prepared for any further outbreaks.

I am a proud Democrat, and I am running for office because a government led by people with values and integrity positively enhances the lives of its citizens. I am running because I want our state to be perceived as a best place to live, work and raise a family, where everyone from students to our most senior citizens can enjoy productive and satisfying lives. I promise to work every day, as hard as I can, to make that a reality.

Past or present Boards/Commissions/Volunteer work:
Member of the Board of Selectmen of Harwinton
Treasurer and Executive Board member of my synagogue
Treasurer of Region 10 Make a Mark, Inc.
Food Rescue volunteer
Member of the Harwinton Democratic Town Committee
5 years as a volunteer math tutor at the Gilbert School
5 years as boys varsity tennis coach at the Gilbert School

Employment: 22 years in fixed income finance. Wrote analytical software for bond traders and salesmen; served clients on an interest-rate trading desk. Taught 7th and 8th grade math for 1 year

University of Pennsylvania 1985, Dual-degree Management and Technology Program
Wharton School of Business, Bachelor of Science in Economics majoring in finance
School of Engineering and Applied Science, Bachelor of Applied science concentrating in computer science
State of Connecticut Alternative Route to Certification Program of the Department of Education
Certificate to teach math grades 5-12