Allen Bradford

Vice-Chair Simsbury Democratic Town Committee Rules Committee

Why I serve?  "...this nation is the hope of the Earth. If this nation doesn’t work, the world won’t work." That's per Andrew Young on the "Axe Files" podcast, Jan. 20, 2022. I agree wholeheartedly. I also believe the USA is uniquely dependent on individual citizens' commitment to making it work, from the grassroots local level all the way to the top. That's especially true now, when our democratic, rule-of-law system is under direct assault from within and without, and our planet is facing the threat of climate change. As a citizen, it's my duty to do my part.

Past or present Boards/Commissions/Volunteer work:  I've participated in many Democratic political campaigns in several states but highlights include recent DTC Vice-Chair and Rules Committee Chair; campaign coordinator Hamilton County, TN.  Have volunteered for many other activities over the years, currently including Simsbury Historical Society and Simsbury Pollinator Pathway boards; past Boy Scout Citizenship Merit Badge counselor; Little League coach; Bar Associations, etc. Proud former Peace Corps Volunteer, Sierra Leone West Africa, 1982-1984. 

Employment History: Since 2010, founder and Managing Partner of law firm Bradford, Perlstein & Associates, LLC since 2010, focusing on health care and small business law. Prior to that, Chief Counsel, Cigna HealthCare and other prior positions 1997-2009; Regional Counsel for Healthsource, Inc. in Chattanooga, TN; Associate Lawyer with Speed & Taintor, PC in Chattanooga, TN; other hands-on non-lawyer employment before that.

Education:  University of Georgia AB in History, JD in Law

Why I love Simsbury:  High level of community engagement, multiple outdoor green spaces, beary (!) abundant wildlife, great friends and neighbors, first-rate schools, commitment to increasing diversity. 

Fun Fact: Why not 2? (1) I met my lovely wife Rene' in a provincial capital in Sierra Leone, West Africa when we were both serving as Peace Corps Volunteers. I worked with swamp rice farmers, she worked with moms and teachers. (2) Just before law school, I rode a motorcycle across the country (GA to Ann Arbor to San Fran) with a couple of buddies and had numerous adventures.