Charmaine Seavy

Communications Chair

Current Office: Public Relations Committee Chair SDTC

Why I serve? I want to make a difference in how our town, state and nation is governed.

Past or present Boards/Commissions/Volunteer work: Presently serving on Economic Development Commission.  Past served on Simsbury Economic Development Task Force and Simsbury Tourism Committee. Past Co-Leader Girl Scout, Co- Chair of Simsbury High School Student-Parent-Teacher Council.

Employment History: After graduating from Drake University in  the School of Journalism I've  worked nonstop in the field of advertising/media/marketing for 30+ years,  My company, CV MEDIA, INC. is a Simsbury-based Advertising Agency.

Education: After attending High School in Huntington Beach Calif, and Chesterfield, MO, I graduated from Drake University School or Journalism with a degree in Advertising and have continued my career in advertising, media & marketing.

Why I love Simsbury: We moved to Simsbury because of the highly rated school and all of the recreation facilities. After having two children attend Simsbury School K - 12 we stay because of the small-town vibe, beauty, and hiking trails.

Fun Fact: After never living in one house for more than 4 years my entire life, I flew into CT June 30, 1985, nine months pregnant, moved into our house on Quarry Road July 1, gave birth to our daughter July 17 and have lived in the same house ever since!