Holly McGrath

Library Board of Trustees

Current Office: Library Board of Trustees

Why I serve?  I care about our community and believe in the necessity of life long learning. Our library has profoundly impacted the quality of my life here in Simsbury and I want every member of our community to have a similar relationship with this amazing institution. I am honored to serve on the Board of Trustees, supporting the Simsbury Public Library as the heart of our community and am committed to maximizing its educational and enrichment opportunities for all.

Past or present Boards/Commissions/Volunteer work: I served on the Library Strategic Planning Committee, Coordinated Neighborhood Voter Development Captains, and served on the Steering Committee for the Farmington Valley League of Light. I am also a steady coach of youth sports as well as a Take Action Club co-leader at Squadron Line Elementary School.

Employment History: I have been teaching Spanish to all ages for the past 20 years, including 15 years in public schools in both Virginia and Connecticut.  

Education: James Madison University, BA. California State at Sacramento, MA in Spanish: all course work completed in Spain, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Southern CT State University, 6th year degree (092) in Educational Leadership.

Why I love Simsbury: Simsbury is a great combination of abundant natural beauty, great schools, a wide range of activities, and caring, engaged neighbors that make up a vibrant, family oriented community. I grew up in town and am grateful to have returned to my roots to raise our children here.  

Fun Fact: I am a member of the Kinetic Ukes!