Bruce Elliott

Zoning Commission

Current Office: Zoning Commission

Why I serve? I think it’s an obligation of citizenship to give back what you can.  What we can do changes as our competencies and interests evolve.  In my case, I have a complete education and over forty years of professional experience in business that support my interest in guiding development of our town.  I enjoy the process of governance and the interaction with fellow residents.

Past or present Boards/Commissions/Volunteer work:    Completing nine years as a Simsbury Zoning Commissioner in December; decades of volunteer service as a member of the Avon Congregational Church; and thirty-seven years as a member and officer of the Simsbury American Legion Post; honored to have served 4 years on the veterans committee responsible for new Simsbury Veterans Memorial dedicated 2016; driver for the Simsbury Library program Books-to-Your-Door.

Employment History: US Army 1970 ~1973 Personnel Specialist, stationed 18 months in US and 18 months in Germany. Finished undergraduate degree and started my career at St Francis Hospital & Medical Center – Compensation & Benefits Specialist 1977 ~1980; Newington Childrens Hospital – Human Resources Director, Vice President Support Services 1981~1997; ProHealth Physicians – Human Resources Director 1998 ~2016.

Education: Simsbury Public Schools K – 12;  Bachelor of Science Business Administration from Central Connecticut State University;  Master of Business Administration from the University of Connecticut

Why I love Simsbury: No doubt our surroundings in town are an attraction and something to be enjoyed.  Among our jewels is a widely envied school system that has long prepared young people for bright futures wherever their lives take them.  From parks to playing fields, the Performing Arts Center, Senior Center, and a superb volunteer fire department – Simsbury is an extraordinary place.  But the most special element that connects for me is the people who live here.  I still enjoy our neighbors, relatives who live in town, and friends made over decades along with memories that come back to me like when I walk through our town cemeteries every year placing and picking up the Memorial Day flags.  Last year I came across the final resting place of my second grade teacher and not far from her I spotted our Central Grammar School sexton.  That was a special day.

Fun Fact: I enjoy top-down summer driving with nowhere important to go in my 1991 Mazda Miata sports car. Bright red of course.  My option for rainy weather and cooler seasons is a twelve year old pick-up truck that still runs almost like new.