Chris Peterson

Board of Selectmen

Current Office: Board of Selectmen

Why I serve? I was raised in a Family with a strong sense of civic responsibility. My Father served in the Army and my Mother served for years on various boards and commissions including as Selectwomen. They impressed upon me to be part of the solution and to stand for those who may not feel their voice can be heard.

Past or present Boards/Commissions/Volunteer work: Simsbury Volunteer Fire Department, Insurance Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, various youth sports organizations

Employment History: President, Hanleigh Special Risks

Education: University of Maine, BA Business Administration

Why I love Simsbury: Too numerous to list! Our sense of identity, our level of community engagement and volunteerism is off the charts. But my license plate says it all.

Fun Fact: My 4 kids think that me snowboarding in my 50’s is not cool.