Tucker Salls

Zoning Commission

Why do I serve? I believe that service to one's community and country is paramount. I serve on Zoning specifically because I believe that the local control over our communities exercised through land use boards is our single greatest tool for ensuring a sustainable community. I believe that we are facing unprecedented changes to our environment and society and we must meet these challenges head on by growing Simsbury in a responsible manner.

Past or present Boards/Commissions/Volunteer work:
Currently serving as an Alternate on the Simsbury Zoning Commission

Employment History:
Previous: Center for Latino Progress: Community Organizer
Current: Desegregate CT: Legislative Director

Education: BA Political Science: ECSU

Why I love Simsbury: I have lived in Tariffville since I was 6 years old. I currently live in the duplex that my grandmother bought as a young woman and where my father grew up. I went to Tariffville Elementary, Henry James Middle School, and Simsbury High school. When I left home for college and subsequently traveled for work or for the National Guard I realized just how special Simsbury is. This town is a community that produces excellence. Simsbury provides the safety, security, resources, and education necessary to allow people to thrive and achieve greatness. It is no wonder that this is considered such a desirable place to live and it is equally unsurprising that our population continues to grow. I sometimes struggle to articulate what specifically makes Simsbury so special. Is it our gorgeous farmland? Our thriving downtown? Our schools? Our historic buildings? What I have come to understand is that there is no one aspect of Simsbury that defines it. What makes us special is that no matter what you want to do or who you want to be, Simsbury has something or someone to help you succeed.